How To Create Your Own Coffee Table Masterpiece In 5 Easy Steps

The Bad News: Coffee tables are often the most boring piece of furniture in a house.

The Good News: They don’t have to be!

Indoor plant with couch

Coffee tables are so easy (and fun!) to beautify and can quickly become a gorgeous addition to any living space.

I’ve teamed up with the talented NSW interior designer and stylist, Herly Design, to show you exactly how to turn your boring coffee table space into a clean and inviting feature – it’s easy!

Ok, so the first thing to know is that there are so many styles you can create easily and without spending a fortune. Everyday items like flowers and books can convert your daft coffee table into a delight in no time. And, with small industry secrets that I’ll share with you below, you can achieve different moods to suit your décor at the drop of a hat!

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Achieving the perfect style

1) Start with a base

Always start with a base. Why? For starters, it just looks classier and more organized; having objects scattered across a table gives a random and unclean look – this isn’t a garage sale!

Secondly, it’ll preserve your sanity – trust me on this one. Not only will a base allow you to experiment with different looks more easily, but when it comes time to actually move the whole lot (you know, to actually use that darn table), you won’t be cursing me in front of friends and family. Your friendship is important to me J Plus, you can easily switch trays for a new look whenever you feel like it.

In our case, we’ve used a simple circular mirror tray. What I love about mirrored trays is the sense of intrigue they produce: is that four books or two? The reflection creates an aura of mystique and can captivate guests with its play on the eyes.

2) Height is your friend

Playing with height is a great way to diversify the look of your table without having to add or remove anything. A display that utilizes different heights is visually stimulating and creates interest.

Luna Naturel Marble Candle

There are a few ways to achieve this. Firstly, choose items that are naturally of differing heights, such as a vase and a candle. Here we’ve used a Luna Naturel candle and a Luna Naturel marble coaster to achieve height disparities. Secondly, play around with adjustable items to see what works best. For example, you can stack books on top of each other, as we’ve done in the photo, and even experiment with different flower types and heights until you achieve your desired look.


3) Speaking of flowers…

It’s always a great idea to add a floral touch to your display. They bring an ambience and crisp freshness to the atmosphere that is hard to imitate. Fresh flowers will always work best for this, but if that’s not realistic, faux flowers can also do the trick.

Outdoor Garden Pool

4) Mix up your textures

Using the same textures together is the quickest way to go from lively to bland with minimal effort. Don’t. Do. It.

Instead, make sure the items you use represent a range of different textures and materials. This is more pleasing to the eye and also brings added warmth to your space. Here we’ve combined books with a floral arrangement and a Luna Naturel marble coaster, resting on a mirrored metallic tray and sitting atop a timber coffee table. Now that’s diversity!

If you loved the look of our coffee table, feel free to recreate it for your home – you know what they say: imitation is the best form of flattery!

Luna Naturel Marble Candle

5) Placement, Placement, Placement!

The final step in achieving a magical masterpiece is … you guessed it: placement! This is an important step, so take your time and don’t be scared to experiment.

The beauty here is that you can move the table around according to the mood you wish to set with it – and can change it every time you change your mood! A perfectly placed table can easily bring a sense of balance and serenity to your space. If the table design is simple, place it in a busy setting so it adds simplicity. If it’s a busy table, let it work off the simplicity of a clean, neat space.

Luna Naturel Marble Candle

Pieces you will need to recreate this exact look:

  • Mirrored Silver Tray - Voila Maison. French Style Boutique
  • Assorted Books - Coco Chanel, Vogue. Available from most book stores
  • Vase  - Voila Maison, French Style Boutique
  • Marble CoasterLuna Naturel
  • CandleLuna Naturel
  • Faux Hydrangeas - Pottery Barn
  • inspiration images via pinterest


Remember to send us your pics, we’d love to see what you create, or tag us #lunanaturel