Maximising Small Spaces With Plants — With Jamie Durie!

While Jamie has confirmed he keeps his shirt on these days and his feet firmly planted in cow manure (sorry ladies!), he still offers beautiful things to gaze at – plants!



I had the pleasure of meeting the garden guru in the flesh, Jamie Durie!  I attended a master class on maximising home garden space, and I thought I’d share a few gems with you from the day.  Held at the Porter Davis World of Style in their stunning showroom, the class was full of great tips and tricks for making the most out of any space you have – inside or outside!

Indoor plant with couch

Vertical gardens are in trend at the moment, and Jamie shared some great advice on how to achieve a beautiful vertical garden in a space you never thought possible, like that tiny balcony with barely enough standing space. With these tips, you too can enjoy a beautiful (and delicious!) garden in your home.  Here’s how:

For small spaces, always choose plants that grow vertically, such as the Flowering Kalanchoe, succulent and Lantana plants, as well as herbs and veggies. This will help you maximise your space while still giving you a variety of attractive and edible plants to choose from.

Vertical Garden
Herb Garden

Jamie calls this the ‘Human Garden:’ one you can touch, taste, see, smell and be around. It also adds a beautiful touch to your space – try it out!

Herb Jars

If you don’t have enough space outside, no need to worry, as vertical gardens can also be set up inside. You will need hydroponic lights to make up for the lack of sun, but your local nursery should be able to help you out with these.

Hanging Garden

Other alternatives for indoors (and my favourites!) are terrarium plants or macramé planters. They’re back in a big way and let you bring the outdoors into your own living space.

Hanging Plants

Terrariums add that touch of elegance and sophistication to your décor, while you simply can’t go past macramé planters for achieving that vibrant, personalised feel.  Both styles also perfectly compliment many of today’s other must-haves, such as the Luna Naturel marble candle collection.

Luna Naturel Marble Candle

Now ladies, I know exactly what you’re thinking as you read this – great idea, but what about the spiders! Fortunately, I took one for the team and posed that exact question to Jamie, and here’s the verdict: while you can’t exactly stop plants from attracting spiders, the good news is that spiders don’t like making webs or generally being around plants with a lot of movement. So, choose wisely!

Outdoor Garden Pool

Whether you’re looking to bring colour and style to a dull space inside your home, or simply to have that herb or veggie on hand as you cook, vertical gardens are a great way to achieve both with minimal effort.  You can get started from as little as $60 -- Click here for details. Choose plants that match your décor and are easy for you to maintain, and you’ll have a gorgeous garden in no time.

With so many options for maximizing your space, get creative and add that touch of beauty to your life!